Integrity Index Development (IID)

With a view to implement its mandate the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) wishes to adopt a strategy which will ensure transparent, accountable and efficient governance. One such tool is the Integrity Index for public organisations which will be based on bench marking of governance processes by internal and external stakeholders. The CVC believes that integrity, long term sustainability and profitability are all closely linked and can help public organisations create islands of excellence in the medium to long term while achieving all the objectives.

CVC has appointed the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad to undertake a research-based approach to create an integrity index that various organizations can use to measure themselves and which will evolve with changing needs.

Project Scope

i) Define what constitutes Integrity of Public Sector Organizations
ii) Identity the different factors of Integrity and their inter-linkages
iii) Create an objective and reliable tool that can measure the performance of organizations along these above factors
iv) Validate the findings over a period of time to improve upon the robustness of the tool that measures Integrity
v) Create an internal and external ecosystem that promotes working with Integrity where public organizations lead the way.

At the initial phase, 25 CPSUs will undergo the exercise of computing their Integrity index.